The Business

The business opportunity – read and be inspired

The Forever Living Products business opportunity has helped many people into a new career, enabling them to take control of their time, finances and future. Start by asking yourself: What do I dream of? Then read about what the Forever Living business opportunity has involved for some of Forever Living Scandinavia’s distributors – and how they’ve found a balance in life.

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The Forever Opportunity

Are you wondering whether or not this is something for you? Feel free to take inspiration from The Forever Opportunity, a film about what life as a Forever Business Owner can be like. If you like what you see, simply contact one of our distributors. If you don’t already know a distributor, you can easily find one near you here.

What is Network Marketing?    

Network Marketing, or direct selling via independent distributors, is predicted to be the big way of selling in the future. Since the start in 1978, Forever Living Products has grown into one of the most successful direct selling companies, with distributors in more than 160 countries worldwide. Forever Living Scandinavia has been around for 20 years and has an AAA credit rating for stable, long-term creditworthiness. We are today Scandinavia’s largest direct selling company in health and skin care products based on Aloe vera.

Listen to Jan-Fredrik Torgersen, Chairman of the Norwegian Direct Selling Association/Direktesalgsforbundet, talk more about why 100 million people worldwide choose to use Network Marketing.